Estrella Galicia

Two labels I did for the spanish beer brand Estrella Galicia. They are available in stores and bars all over the country - if you have one, you might be lucky enough to get one of them!

スペインのビールブランドEstrella Galiciaのためにラベル描かせていただきました! スペイン中色んなバーやスーパーに置いてますので、ビールを楽しみながら暑い夏をお過ごしください!

He hecho recientemente dos etiquetas para una edición especial de Estrella Galicia. Están disponibles en bares y supermercados, así que a ver si os tomáis una, a ver si hay suerte y os tocan!

"Henshin" in Russia

The russian-language edition of Henshin is already out through XI Media in Russia. And just like with I Kill Giants, they've done a wonderful work. Spasibo!

XI Media社のお陰で『ヘンシン』のロシア語版が発売中です!『I Kill Giants』の時の用に、素晴らしい翻訳やレタリングをしてくれて本当に感謝しています。スパシーバ!

La edición en ruso de Henshin está ya a la venta en tus librerías preferidas de Rusia gracias a la gente de XI Media. Como ya pasó con su edición de Soy una matagigantes, han hecho un trabajo increíble de traducción y adaptación. ¡Spasibo!

ラブレター、一般発売 | Love letter official release in Japan

My version of Seiji Kanai's game Love letter will get an official release in Japan in July! 
We originally created this one as a limited edition for the 2014 Game Market in Tokyo, so I'm really excited for this!!

7月からカナイセイジさんと一緒に作った限定版の『ラブレター』が一般発売されることになりました! 元々ゲームマーケット2014秋限定のために作られたので、多くの人に見ていただければ幸いです!

Mi versión del juego creado por Seiji Kanai Love Letter tendrá una edición oficial a la venta en julio en Japón. 
Lo creamos en principio como una edición limitada para el Game Market 2014 de Tokyo, así que el que ahora pueda estar disponible en todas las tiendas de juegos es una muy buena noticia!

Gotham Academy's Boring Sundays - a making of

Gotham Academy #16 includes my short story Boring Sundays, and here's a brief post on how I created it! Ready??

I first wrote a plot detailing all of the scenes, and I took this as a base to make the storyboard. 
This allowed me to show it to the publisher and get some notes from my editor, as well as the original artists, to make it more coherent with the main series (thanks!).

Then I started working on the pages. These days I use pencil and ink for the final line art, so I do the rough baselines using blue color.

Then it's time to scan, clean and letter it!

And after that I worked on a color key baring in mind the whole story and how to make a nice dramatic progression, while also pacing the mood and help the overal reading experience.
The amazing Alfonso Salazar did some magic to make it look much better.

And once my friends Yun and Vanesa did the flats (that's quite a tough task!), I did the final coloring.
I included some variations over the original color key, always based on what would work best for the story. 

Finally, after getting some notes from my editor, and some corrections from my friend Ludroe to polish the english, we were ready to go!
Voilá, this is how the final version looks!

I hope you like this story if you get the chance to read it - some friends and I worked really hard on it!

Slate Book Review

These illustrations were made for Slate's 2015 April Book Review.  

アメリカの文化情報サイトSlate の去年の4月の本レビューのイラストを描かせていただきました。

Ilustraciones para las reseñas literarias de la web americana Slate del mes de Abril del 2015.