Gotham Academy's Boring Sundays - a making of

Gotham Academy #16 includes my short story Boring Sundays, and here's a brief post on how I created it! Ready??

I first wrote a plot detailing all of the scenes, and I took this as a base to make the storyboard. 
This allowed me to show it to the publisher and get some notes from my editor, as well as the original artists, to make it more coherent with the main series (thanks!).

Then I started working on the pages. These days I use pencil and ink for the final line art, so I do the rough baselines using blue color.

Then it's time to scan, clean and letter it!

And after that I worked on a color key baring in mind the whole story and how to make a nice dramatic progression, while also pacing the mood and help the overal reading experience.
The amazing Alfonso Salazar did some magic to make it look much better.

And once my friends Yun and Vanesa did the flats (that's quite a tough task!), I did the final coloring.
I included some variations over the original color key, always based on what would work best for the story. 

Finally, after getting some notes from my editor, and some corrections from my friend Ludroe to polish the english, we were ready to go!
Voilá, this is how the final version looks!

I hope you like this story if you get the chance to read it - some friends and I worked really hard on it!

Slate Book Review

These illustrations were made for Slate's 2015 April Book Review.  

アメリカの文化情報サイトSlate の去年の4月の本レビューのイラストを描かせていただきました。

Ilustraciones para las reseñas literarias de la web americana Slate del mes de Abril del 2015.

Я убиваю великанов!!

 Please welcome Я убиваю великанов!
Yes, I Kill Giants is out in Russia, thanks to the folks of XI Media.

Я убиваю великанов』でず!
『I Kill Giants』のロシア語版がXI Media社のおかげで出版されました!

 Con todos ustedes, Я убиваю великанов!
Sí, la edición rusa de Soy una Matagigantes existe gracias a la editorial XI Media!

アレンジャーズ参上! | Alenzyas are here!

Welcome to the world of Alenzyas!
What would japanese superheroes be like?
Each artist created a hero and a villain, we shuffled the villains and drew a story with the two characters.
The comics were created by Est Em, Takeshi Miyazawa, Mopuko, Takehito Moriizumi, Murai, Tabao Obata and yours truly! As well as the special collaboration of David López in the cover and Javier Pina for the backcover!

えすとえむさん、オバタたばおさん、ムライさん、もぷ子さん、宮沢武史さんと森泉岳土さん、そして現在マーベルで活躍中のDavid Lópezさんに表紙を描いていただいて、DCコミックスのJavier Pinaさんが裏表紙を担当! 

¡Bienvenido al mundo de Alenzyas!
¿Cómo serían unos superhéroes a la japonesa?
Cada dibujante creamos un héroe y un villano: sorteamos el villano entre nosotros, y con esos dos personajes dibujamos una historia.
Los autores participantes somos Est Em, Takeshi Miyazawa, Mopuko, Takehito Moriizumi, Murai, Tabao Obata y un servidor! Y la colaboración especial de David López para la portada y Javier Pina para la contraportada!

Disponible en / 書籍商 / Available at

Japan - 東京・中野: タコシェ 

ココロ3 | Kokoro3

Kokoro is the name of a project bringing together artists to benefit diverse charities. 
I've participated again this year with two illustrations on the protection of marine ecosystems, that were included in the publication. 

Kokoro est le nom d'un projet qui regroupe des artistes pour soutenir des diverses associations et causes. 
J 'ai participè à nouveau cette année avec deux illustrations au sujet de la protection des écosystèmes marins, qu'on peut retrouver dans la publication en vente. 

Kokoro es el nombre de un proyecto que agrupa a diversos artistas para apoyar a asociaciones sin ánimo de lucro. 
He participado de nuevo este año con dos ilustraciones sobre la protección del fondo marino que se han incluído en la publicación.