2014 - A roundup

Last year I published Henshin in Japan, a new edition of I Kill Giants in the US, and Traveling in Spain.
And it’s something that, personally, means a lot to me. 

Japan, US and Europe are the main markets in comics worldwide, and for a long time, I’ve been fascinated by the differences between them, beyond the drawing style.

Does the publishing format (the French album, American comicbook and Japanese tankôbon) modify the reading experience?

In what way does the format affect the storytelling, pacing and composition?

How does using such different languages as Spanish, English or Japanese change the writing and somehow the overall “flavor”?

And also, what are ultimately the common points between these 3 different approaches to comics? 

Henshin, I Kill Giants and Traveling are my personal approach to all of this.
And I’m using all I’ve learnt through doing them in my new projects - hopefully to make better and more understandable comics!
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